Become Who You Are


Everyone is becoming something. We’re constantly evolving, changing and challenging ourselves to make the most out of this precious life. We have goals we want to achieve and dates to achieve them by. Whether it’s getting Fitter. Happier. Smarter. Stronger. Sexier. Savvier. They’re all goals that start on the inside, and eventually show on the outside.
We’re becoming that way, because we have seen pothole’s in our lives, and we want to make a difference. We’ve all experienced that moment when we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom and suddenly regain a little bit of courage to announce: “I want to become better”.

And so we begin.

We begin to make small changes towards the life we really want. We change our eating habbits, we start working out more, we challenge ourselves to go the extra mile on our next run. We start venturing out of our comfort zones, trying things that scare us and meeting new people on the same new path. We start paying attention to the negative influences in our lives and banish them from sight. We start learning a new skill, a new language or an expression that makes our heart sing. We start coming alive, challenging the norm and ending our procrastination. We start living.

Together we will achieve greatness one step at a time. Together, we will help you become who you truly are.


Monique Elouise