2016 Fit Trend: Bodyweight Training

As a self confessed travel-fit junkie, I constantly view my ever changing surrounds as somewhat of a “workout playground”. Often caught on the run without my “PT tools”, I naturally opt for body weight workouts and according to the latest polls, I’m not the only one.

“Do your workouts include push-ups, squat jumps, Burpees and pull-ups? Well done! You’re in the number 2 spot. Body Weight Training is a back to basics, minimalist, no-gym-needed, approach to fitness. I’m a big proponent myself. My clients are probably sick of me telling them, “You’ll never pick up dumbbells that weigh as much as you do, so push your body weight instead.”

Reference: Huffington Post

Bodyweight training doesn’t have to be overly creative to be effective, and as you may have noted – it can be done anywhere!


Where you see a park bench; I see box jumps, tricep dips. incline mountain climbers and decline push ups.
Where you see a swing set in a playground; I see reverse lunges, roll-outs & v-pikes.
Where you see the serenity of the sea; I see sand sprints, handstands in the ocean and wading through water for resistance
Where you see leisure; I see fitness

So to get your started, I’ve come up with my FAVOURITE exercises for a whole body workout. The best part, is that MOST exercises will utilise a whole lotta muscle groups, so you’ll stretch n’ flex in more ways than one.

Simply pick 3 exercises from each category, and perform between 12-20 times each, 3 times for a 20 minute workout. The quicker you perform them, the higher your heart rate will climb, the longer you will feel the EPOC burn. Ready?

– Forward incline lunge w torso rotation
– Lunge forward to lunge back
Sumo Squats w Namaste hands
– Incline lateral lunge w ground touch
– Skater lunges w sky reach
One legged squat w clenched fists
– Low squat with breakdancer hands (tap one hand back, then the other)
Downward dog to childs pose 

– Tricep dips (bench, stairs, chair, stool, ladder, low fence)
Plank ups
– Push ups w alternate shoulder taps
– Bicep curl (use a towel/sarong etc. for resistance)
– Lateral raise (make strong fists to switch on muscles)
– Handstands (hold for 20 – 30 seconds)
– Forearm stands (hold for 20 – 30 seconds)
– Supine “Y”, “T”, “I” lifts

– Mountain climbers
– Plank holds w alternate feet (or hands) walkout
Bicycle crunches 
– Reverse crunches (on back, lifting feet up to sky – straight legs!)
– Extended crunch (torso reclines back over bench/bosu)
– Heel taps
Russian twist
– Flutter kicks (think pilates)
– Crunch with hands up to sky

Go forth towards those 2016 goals and become bodyweight fit,

Monique Elouise x