SWADHYAYA: The Art of Self-Study

“My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be”
I remember hearing one morning at Sampoorna Yoga (For Body Mind & Soul) India after “Leave your ego at the door”, that you “should not compare yourself to the person on the next mat”. The one who might be able to perfect a handstand, drop backward into Chakrasana from standing or perhaps even just touch their toes.
Your body is not the same, your mind is not the same, and your reason for coming to the mat that day, is certainly not the same.
This quote brings me back to my figurative “mat” as I reflect on recent changes and steps towards my growing goals. It makes me feel proud of the connections I’ve made, the people I’ve trained and the goals I’ve been pushing to help with my own personal growth.
It makes me more empathetic to those who might feel stuck, or lost, or perhaps just going through a whole lot of change.
It makes me practice patience to achieve the things I want, to keep chasing my dreams and congratulate others on achieving their own.
This quote was sent to me from a friend in India who is out there chasing his dreams. Not comparing himself to anyone else around him, not pulling others down that have achieved “greater” things; but simply pushing himself to become a better version of who he is, by consistently sticking to his proclivity. Today he has inspired me, and in turn; I hope to inspire you.
Swadhyaya (self-study) as they call it in India is one of the Niyamas of Yoga to live a soulful life. It is the art of self-study through thick and thin; discovering your strengths and weaknesses and sticking with that activity when the going gets rough. It could be yoga, or running; photography or writing; music or dance; cooking or even cleaning. Whatever it is, it will be the one thing that brings you great contentment and insightfulness into who you are now, and who you were born to become.
So now, today, I challenge you to take that step in your own path. To rise up against anyone who doesn’t have faith in your dreams, to push past your own limiting beliefs and to focus all of your mite on becoming that better version of yourself. To learn yourself, know yourself and become yourself.
To stare self-sabotaging thoughts in the face, to start acting on your goals (even if it’s small), to rise up, to push further and to chase that happy feeling that will follow you all the way to the top.
To achieve YOUR goals, to make YOUR body stronger, to develop YOUR mind further, to create a business YOU’RE proud of, to stop comparing yourself to any body and every body else and keep pushing forward to BECOME WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Because that takes a lot of courage, and myself among others, looks forward to meeting that person ❤ ❤ ❤
Love and light,
Monique Elouise x