Over the years, I have learned that being ‘healthy’ doesn’t just mean eating whole foods, heart foundation ticks, balanced portions on your plate, correct meal timing or following a ‘diet’. I’ve learned also, that being ‘fit’ doesn’t necessarily mean you can lift your body weight on the chest press, run 10km without breaking a sweat, or stretching yourself in and out of a pretzel on the yoga mat.

These ideals might make you feel good on some grounds,  but as a whole, you might feel like something is missing. You might feel that even though you LOOK like you’re fit as a fiddle; your insides are somewhat malnourished. It might also mean, that even though you count your calories, macro’s and micronutrients; that you don’t look well on the outside.

Enter the “Wellness Coach”.

In today’s world, our lives are often led at a hectic pace, and as much as we would LOVE to spend out hours being perfectly fit and healthy, it’s often just not an option. Most people don’t have the time, the tools or the guidance to live our BEST life, and although we all do what we can, sometimes it’s just not enough to “LIVE and BE well”.

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Morgan Sheets – International Holistic Wellness Coach

“Live well. Be Well. Do Good” – Morgan Sheets 

Last week, I caught up with International Wellness Coach, Morgan Sheets, and got the low-down on what life looks like through her lens.

Morgan, now 33, has experienced the kind of life that movie’s are made from. As a self-confessed nature lover, she has spent a lot of time experiencing a simple lifestyle in various corners of the world. Holland, the Greek Islands and a homestead in Colorado from where she spent 4 years of her early teens, and can solely illustrate the diversity of her childhood. Her lifestyle in the latter, meant she learned how to cook on a wood burning stove, she was used to a composting outhouses, she lived without running water, and she spent her days enjoying and deepening her connection with the abundance of nature that surrounded the property.

By 19, she had bought her first home in the city, and started to acknowledge her own power and determination – she could achieve ANYTHING she set her mind too. This lifestyle however, was hugely opposed to the one she was used to. People around her didn’t share her passion for taking care of the earth, for their health, for living simply, for kindness – for goodness.

From there, she experience the highs and lows that life sent her way:

“My difficult experiences in life took hold of me for many years, and I became a very angry, self-destructive, defensive, guarded, self-hating and life hating person. I experienced so many things that I would not wish on any other human being, and felt that life itself was no longer worth living” – Morgan Sheets

By the age of 30, Morgan had hit an all-time low in her life. She had hit complete burnout and level 4 adrenal fatigue through her need for perfectionism. It left her feeling constantly exhausted, dis-empowered and often depressed. But she fought back. She got back into her massage practice, went to counselling and life coaches, started journaling, reading about wellness, holistic health and experiencing alternative therapies.

Slowly through the process, she began to love the person she was whole-heartedly and her inner light began to shine bright. She began to peel back the ill-fated layers of her past, and uncover the beauty in her struggles. She began to rise, to become awake, and aware of the fact that she needed to heal wholly and completely; and she wanted more than ANYTHING to begin helping others to create those same positive changes within their own lives.

Three years on, she’s not only running a successful wellness coaching business from various corners of the world, but she’s guiding others to become coaches after completing a two year internship as a Master Wellness Coach.

This week, I’m lucky enough to capture some of Morgan’s rare free moment’s, and find out how she her path was shaped, what being a life coach really means  and her BEST advice for inspiring entrepreneurs…

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Walks in the Winter are one of Morgan’s mindful moments (Photo: James Lidecker)

M.E. “For those who don’t know, can you explain what a “Wellness Coach” actually does?”

M.S. “In essence the role of a wellness coach is to guide and support our clients to uncover the cause of their dis-ease and symptoms, and then to discover and create an action plan of more nourishing choices that are in alignment with that person’s bio individuality.

“Holistic wellness coaches, specifically, are all about looking at the WHOLE person and operating from the premise that the person is already whole and well, we just have to support them in peeling away the layers and letting go of all that is hiding that state of true well-being from them.” – Morgan Sheets 

Wellness coaches typically have a specialty that they focus on and there are many different kinds of wellness coaches. Some examples my colleagues handle are digestive health, mid-life & menopausal women, relationship & emotional healing, and assisting women with Fibromyalgia to help them manage symptoms naturally.”

M.E. “And in saying that, what area do you personally specialise in?”

 M.S. “I focus on high performing female entrepreneurs that are wanting to reclaim their energy, health and life naturally, and stop sacrificing it all for wealth. A lot of the time, this means I’m working with highly sensitive introverts, that are often suffering from adrenal fatigue – potentially without even realising it. 

No matter our speciality, all of us operate on the same premise, which is healing the whole person through supporting them to uncover the authentic needs of their body, mind and soul and then to take action in restoring their natural state of well-being. Essentially, we want to take them from SURVIVING to thriving.”

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Morgan celebrating a birthday lunch with her Dad in Greece, and catching up with a client via phone. Proof that being a Wellness Coach can be done from anywhere!

M.E. “What made you want to pursue the route of ‘Wellness’ and why did you choose coaching?”

M.S. “Ultimately, my own journey from dis-ease to well-being, (holistically and naturally) and all I learned along the way, was my catalyst to become a coach.

My mom raised me in a natural way.  I grew up eating organic foods and being exposed to the idea that we should minimize the toxins and pollutants that go into our body.  As a rebellious, young teenager, I deviated from this lifestyle and found myself beginning to suffer the consequences with depression, fatigue and really bad breakouts.  

When I started modeling around 18 I sought to get rid of my breakouts and slim down my body from ‘athletic and slender’ size 2, into ‘fashion sample’ size 2. I tried TONS of diets like raw food, vegan, vegetarian, cleanses, etc. but nothing really worked for me. During this period, I was working full time and going to college full time and my fatigue, depression and anxiety really started to negatively affect my life. I wasn’t receiving any help from the western medications I had tried, and they came with really bad side effects.

From there,  I took matters into my own hands and was determined to heal myself. I began immersing myself, once again, into the world of holistic health and from that point until today I’ve been passionately devouring books, webinars and documentaries on natural health, the human mind, spirituality, quantum physics, our emotions and whatever else I can get my hands on!” 

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Getting ‘raw’ in nature and nourishing her body with whole foods 

M.E. “You also used to be a masseuse, how do you think this transformed your journey into becoming a coach?”

M.S. “I think coaching showed up in my life at the perfect time actually.  I had already experienced enough personally and professionally to truly step into the role with integrity. At that time, I had my own massage practice and had spent hundreds of getting deep into the tension held in the physical body. This work was so valuable in demonstrating that healthy tissue is less about looks, and more about the actual structure and quality of the tissue. I learned what healthy tissue felt like and could tell just from massaging a person whether they were nourishing themselves well, or not.

I was frustrated that my role in supporting my massage clients to create sustainable change was limited, and I began to see that my favorite part of working with them was – when I got to talk to them during the intake, and support them to creating small shifts in their daily lives. This is what really lit me up!

I was REALLY excited about the idea that through wellness coaching I could live and breathe every day all that I loved, and am extremely passionate about the career jump I’ve made.  I was finally able to take me life’s learnings and teachings, and transform my path to doing what I feel I was put on this earth for. It gives me tingles just thinking about it, and I’m so happy I made the official journey to become a holistic wellness coach.”

M.E. “How did you come to create success in your personal business as a ‘Wellness Coach’?”

M.S. “My previous life experience in business had taught me a lot. Firstly, that striving for a career isn’t nourishing on its own, in fact, that ‘perfectionist’ attitude is also what led me to a huge burnout some years earlier.

While recovering from, I grew my massage business from a place of ease and pleasure, doing what felt good and what was in alignment with my natural being. I have transferred that same experience and philosophy into my journey of becoming a wellness coach, and this is how I mentor clients in running their own business.

The official “Wellness Coaching” certification I completed was self-paced, and due to my passion, I wound up completing the year-long program in just 8 months. 

After completing the program, I was selected to participate in a year-long internship as a Graduate Leader coach and now I’m in my second year internship as a Master Level Graduate leader coach.

I also was offered the opportunity to become a student advisor for the wellness coaching program, which I accepted because I LOVE the program I graduated from, and am grateful for the opportunity to support new coaches, and make an impact on their development.

From those fortunate opportunities, my business has grown organically in a way that feels good to me, and aligns with my personal morals and beliefs.”

M.E. “What does an average day look like for you?”

M.E. “Well, for one thing, I don’t “live for the weekends”.  I frequently have no idea what day it is because every day of the week feels good. I do tend to limit client calls to only Monday – Friday and do administrative tasks or content planning on the weekends.  I love my work, so it never feels like I “have” to do something.

On an average day, I wake up and do some inspirational reading and journaling while having coffee or tea and snuggling with my cats.  Then I have breakfast and get ready for the day.  Some days I go to the gym in the morning, some in the middle of the day, some at night. Some days I don’t go at all.   It depends on the day, the gym classes, and my client calls.  I try to “chunk out” my days so I’ll check into my email once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. Same goes for social media.  Then, the rest of the day I’m talking to clients on the phone, attending meetings for my role at the International Association of Wellness Professionals, reviewing student assignments and focusing on business building activities. 

“Some days I’m working until 8:00 or even 10:00 pm at night, and some days it means I start working as early as 7 am.” – Morgan Sheets

My role is mostly online or via phone, so it means I have the ability to work from anywhere which is great. For client calls, I do focus on being in a quiet, solitary, private place so that they get my undivided attention and I can create a “safe space” for our calls so I can keep a high degree of client protection and privacy.” 

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Just another day ‘at the office’…

M.E. “You must have some pressure to look the part, do you follow any special eating plan and/or exercise plan?”

M.S. “I don’t feel any pressure to look or be a certain way.  If anything, my role as a wellness coach is inspiring and motivating for me, as it helps me stay focused on “walking my talk”. It means being responsible and accountable for my actions. Holistic wellness isn’t about rules or inflexible eating or exercise plans. I live by my own “signature well-being blueprint”, and have discovered exactly what my body, mind and spirit require. This is part of what I teach my clients.

“My body, like all other bodies, looks different all the time.  In the winter, since I live in a cold climate I tend to put on a little “insulation”, which then goes away in the summer when I’m outside more and I get really lean.” – Morgan Sheets

Based on my past, I know you can look ‘healthy’ yet feel awful inside.  So fortunately for me, my modeling work prepared me with letting go of people’s opinions on how I should look,  and made me learn instead to stay focused on how I feel inside and trust my inner guide.

M.E. “Lastly, if you had ONE piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs, what would it be?”

M.S. “Focus on creating your business and your life in a way that feels good to you.  There is not ONE SINGLE WAY to grow your business!!  I don’t care what “the hype” out there says.  

“The way is to know yourself and do what is right for YOU.  So, if you don’t know yourself, that’s where to start.  Know your passions, your values, your personality, your body, what lights you up and then live your life and business in a way that honors that.” – Morgan Sheets

Then STAY IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, your path will not look like anyone else’s, so don’t compare it to others. (Believe me, I know, this is SO HARD. Practice. I’m still practicing!)

Money alone doesn’t create prosperity. If you’re making a lot of money doing something you don’t like and sacrificing your health – that’s not prosperity. If you’re not feeling good and you’re not feeling prosperous, than explore whether you’re doing things someone else’s way – or if you’re following your own true path. 

If you’re not sure, let these two questions guide you in all your choices:

  1.  Is this nourishing to me?  
  2. Or is this depleting me?  

Then, continue to course correct until all of your choices are nourishing to both you AND your business.  As an entrepreneur, you ARE your business and you have to take care of yourself first. Believe me, I’ve sacrificed my life and health for business before, and it’s not worth it.

As a wellness coach that has struggle with my own path to being well and prosperous, I’m here to tell you that you CAN run your business in a way that feels good and doesn’t deplete you – so stay focused on finding all the ways you can do that! 

Lastly, it’s important to simply enjoy the process. Because that’s really where the fun and the reward is: it’s happening right here, right now.” – Morgan Sheets

Wellness Inspiration (20)
Morgan on a quiet afternoon excursion with her Mum. One of her favourite past-times is reconnecting with family in her downtime. 

If you’re ready to start the next chapter on YOUR path to wellness, Morgan has kindly created a special inclusion just for ‘Becoming’ readers! Click on the link and follow your path to reclaiming your energy and productivity in a natural way. As a special BONUS, she has included a FREE 20 minute audio track to increase awareness and feel deeper peace through relaxation. Morgan is also releasing her 6 week package in which clients can learn to discover their own signature well-being blueprint, and the GRAND package of a 6 month coaching program to help you become the best version of yourself.

If you’re interested in the wellness profession has peaked, then you can also find out more about becoming a wellness coach by listening to this FREE webinar letting you in on the 7 secrets you need to know before commencing your own journey…

Love & light,

Monique Elouise  xx

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