A few years ago, I came across the name ‘Love Me Retreats‘(LMR) when I was looking for a tropical holiday with a fitness base. At first glance LMR, looked like a great group of mindful women that were not only working their bodies, but their minds and souls too.

A year later, I joined them in Bali with the added bonus of contributing as a yoga teacher, and have since watched their success spiral upward!

This week, I sat down with Emily and Louisa, and got the low down on how it all began, the challenges they’ve faced, what’s next, and how they manage to keep the business balanced between two bodies…

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Emily Barron & Louisa Claire – The inspiring wellness duo behind ‘Love Me Retreats’

M.E.  “Emily, you started ‘Love Me Retreats’ on your own after several years as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, what made you want to branch out into retreats?”

L.M.R: “I was in Bali on a family holiday and I was participating in group walking classes each day that were arranged by the hotel.

“Before I knew it I was posting on my business Facebook page that I was going to conduct a retreat in Bali the following year!” – Emily Baron

I noticed the other participants were very like-minded and I felt that maybe this was something I could tap into. Before I knew it I was posting on my business Facebook page that I was going to conduct a retreat in Bali the following year!”

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‘Love Me Retreats’ ladies – full of soul, sunshine and smiles!

M.E. “Your first retreat was based in Bali, why did you chose this spot?”

L.M.R: “I guess that was the place where I had my “light-bulb” moment and so began my mission to research locations for hosting the retreat. That’s when I discovered Karen Willis from Sharing Bali. Her passion for the place and the people quickly rubbed off on me.

“I am well and truly in love with Bali” – Emily Baron

I am well and truly in love with Bali – the beauty of the foothills, the magestic mountains and jungles, and of course, the peaceful and calming nature of the people.”

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Finishing the morning work-out in Bali with a wall-sit – Ouch!

M.E. “Louisa was brought into the business a little later, how did that all come about?”

L.M.R: “Louisa was working with me on developing my personal training business via social media and other channels. I initially invited her as a guest on the retreat and then discovered she practised reiki and meditation.

“I thought that we would make a good team bringing our movement and mindfulness practices and experience together to motivate others to achieve balance in their day to day.” – Emily Baron

Lou has some great stress reduction techniques in her reportoire. She has a knack for helping others find inner-peace through interesting and creative ways.”

M.E.  “What can people expect to get from a ‘Love Me’ retreat?”

L.M.R: “We take you away from your everyday so you can reflect and focus entirely on yourself without the distraction of work, family, technology and busy social commitments.

We choose beautiful destinations so our guests truly feel like they are escaping from their usual surrounds. We aim to instill a sense of calm and wonder while providing our guests with tips, tools and techniques on how to incorporate movement and mindfulness into your daily routine. We help our guests to develop positive and healthy habits so that they start each day feel refreshed, energised and empowered to take on anything that the day ahead may hold.
“We eat delicious and nutritious meals, while enjoying the odd treat – without the guilt!” – Louisa Claire
We engage in fun and challenging physical activities, and we share our calming and soothing ways to put a smile on your mind while incorporating creative stress reduction techniques.”
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Getting into a legs session on the beach in Noosa

M.E. “What have your greatest challenges been through creating the company?”

L.M.R: “Devoting enough time to the development of our business while staying balanced in our own lives is the greatest challenge. We are so passionate about bringing our message of self-love and self-care to others, but it is also important for us to spend valuable time with our families while maintaining our careers (day-jobs), and staying attuned to our physical and mental wellness practices.

“it is also important for us to spend valuable time with our families while maintaining our careers (day-jobs), and staying attuned to our physical and mental wellness practices” – Louisa Claire

We know first hand how challenging it is to juggle multiple responsibilities while trying to be mindful of our own personal health and wellness. ”

M.E. “What’s next for ‘Love Me Retreats’?”

L.M.R: “This year we will be launching day retreats. We listened to our friends, family and loyal followers who told us they wanted to have access to our movement and mindfulness program – but couldn’t commit to full schedule due to work or family commitments.

Our day retreats are themed around the key elements of our retreats, incorporating mindfulness workshops, fitness challenges while promoting positive self-image, self-care and healthy habits.”


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Glowing Goddess’s after a day of surfing in Noosa

M.E. “Lastly, what is your BEST advice for new entrepreneurs when it comes to creating a successful business partnership?”

L.M.R: “Communication: when working in a partnership or when multiple business decision-makers are involved, communication is integral to the success of your projects.

Division of tasks: schedule regular catch-ups where you set-goals and allocate responsibilities evenly amongst all stakeholders. Keep track by setting a completion date for each task. Support each other while keep yourself accountable.
“Communication is integral to the success of your projects” – Emily Baron
Outsource: we learnt quickly that managing everything ourselves simply wasn’t realistic. We started outsourcing projects to contractors we learned of through referrals and websites such as Upwork and Airtasker. The kinds of projects we outsource are web design, graphic design and SEO. It is well worth the investment once you see just how much time you are saving!” – Emily Barron & Louisa Claire, ‘Love Me Retreats’
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Getting into some ‘mindful movement’, Emily leads the team on a local day retreat
If you LOVE what these ladies are about, why not join them on their next escape? If you want to escape the winter blues, join the girls at LMR and head back to their beautiful oasis in Bali, right in the heart of the island. For Becoming readers, they are offering an EXCLUSIVE 10% off your first retreat booking, including their upcoming day retreats right here in Melbourne. How?
  1. Email the team at lovemeretreats@gmail.com with the subject line: LMRDAY
  2. Tell them what YOU want to get out of a day retreat

Keen to learn more? Follow their journey THIS WEEKEND in Noosa by keeping up to date with their Facebook Feed.

Wishes in wellness,

Monique Elouise x