If you’re living in Melbourne, chances are you are a huge fan of drinking tea. Whether it be in the spiraling laneways of the city, or at home with friends after taking in some yoga or creative pursuit. With the love of tea overtaking coffee sales across the wellness tribe, it’s increasingly important that you not only find a tea that is made locally, but brewed with extra benefits.

Enter: Zing Tea. Starting out in the picturesque tea fields of China, this Melbourne based family run business fuses it’s knowledge of Chinese medicine and pharmaceuticals, with it’s passion for blending delicious flavours with healthful rewards.

“Proudly owned and operated in Australia, our philosophy is built on the age-old principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, applied to the modern Australian lifestyle.” – Zing Tea

This week on the blog, I caught up with Lyly from Zing Tea, and asked her all about how they started the brand, what it’s like to work with family and what’s next on the horizon. If you happen to LIVE in Melbourne, then you can check out their exhibit at The Australian Tea Expo March 30 – April 1 – THIS WEEKEND!

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Add some “Zing”  to your life, to induce some zen

M.E. “Before you started Zing Tea, what were you doing for work?”

LyLy: “We are registered practicing pharmacist who happen to take interest in complementary medicine and Chinese herbs.  We thought that it is a good idea to combine Chinese herbs into the ritual of drinking nice tasting tea.” 

M.E. “Zing Tea is completely owned and operated in Melbourne, how do you manage to do this and keep quality up and prices down?”

Lyly: “We are aware that prices drive consumer consumption but we opt for the approach that we want our products to be of high quality.  All the health tea that are manufactured here in Melbourne, will go through vigorous testings and are manufactured under international guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice.  Hence, we do have more control over quality if it is done here in Australia rather than just importing tea to sell.  We are working hard with the reliable certified suppliers to lower the raw material costs in which we can pass on the discounts to our customers.”

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Enjoy your tea on the go with Zing Tea’s Bamboo & Glass Travel Infuser

M.E. “As a business, what have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcome them?” 

Lyly: “There are hundreds of tea businesses around and competition is great in this space.  We are mindful of the price competition and try to be competitive but we will not compromise the quality of our products in doing this.”

M.E. “I understand that Zing Tea is a family run business, how do you manage to work together as a team and not disturb the peace of your personal connections?”

LyLy: “Our family has been in the tea business for over 20 years so we know a thing or two.  We are a small community who are passionate about the goals that we want to achieve in our products, but we are also very mindful that the people in our team are the ones that made the business.  Here at Zing, others comes first and I think this is the secret to maintain the peace and unity. “

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Bringing “quiet” back is a philosophy that rings true for Zing Tea

M.E. “If you had to choose a favourite tea from your range, what would it be?”

Lyly: “If I have to choose, Boost Tea to keep me going during the day and Switch Off tea is perfect for unwinding. And of course, Slim tea detox for body detox and weight maintenance – Oops, you did say one favourite!”

M.E. “What is next on the horizon for Zing Tea?”

Lyly:  “We are constantly on the journey of exploring how to incorporate herbs into nice tasting tea and to raise Australian awareness to the benefits of drinking tea.”

****If you want to read more about the benefits, check out their blog post here about the “Top FIVE reasons to drink tea”.****

M.E. “Lastly, if you had ONE piece of advice for entrepreneurs in the wellness sector, what would it be?”

Lyly: “There is no one solution to achieving wellness within an individual.  My wish is that everyone in this sector (exercise gurus, dietitians and health care professionals) will come together to collaborate for the interest of healthy Australians, body, spirit and soul.

“My wish is that everyone in this sector (exercise gurus, dietitians and health care professionals) will come together to collaborate for the interest of healthy Australians, body, spirit and soul” – Lyly, Zing Tea

Don’t be afraid to contribute and collaborate your ideas and products and I believe the business will take care of itself.” – Lyly, Zing Tea

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What’s for tea today?


If you live in Australia, and you want to get your hands on some Zing tea to help put a spring in YOUR step, follow the instructions below to nab a freebie delivered to your door!

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Hope your week is going great, and your tea is brewing strong 😉

Wishes in wellness,

Monique Elouise x