This week, I wanted to get deep into a different element of wellness, spirituality. Although it comes in many shapes and forms, my focus was to find a spiritual based healer that can help people overcome mental issues like anxiety and depression as-well as being able to change (and challenge!) limiting patterns and belief systems.

While I understand and appreciate that spirituality is often overlooked as an element of wellness, it is a vital part of growth and of course, healing. Holistically speaking, ‘wellness’ is mostly made up of the four basic components below:

  • Physical well-being
  • Mental well-being
  • Emotional well-being
  • Spiritual well-being

I found Kim at the College of Intuition through a Facebook group for spiritual practitioners in Melbourne, and being a little in-tune myself, I found she was the perfect fit for the message I was trying to share.

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Kim Platzer-Sowter – Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Healer

Kim is a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Healer helping people with a variety of problems arising in life, as-well as being able to connect others with loved ones that have “crossed over” to gain closure. She also works with people at a singular level in her 12 week course to empower them with their own intuition, and take charge of their relationships, business, studies and life in general.

M.E. “O.k. let’s get started with the simple stuff. Can you explain what it is that you do and how it works?

K.S. “Our ‘energy body’ is like a cabinet of stored belief systems and life experiences all blended in to form our own personality. We emit frequencies of energy that attract, repel and intertwine with our being which can sometimes cause us to feel uneasy, happy, angry or sad for no apparent reason.

Energy is translated into feelings, and the rational mind interprets this into thought. All of this activates the subconscious experiences that trigger our programming, which our conscious mind is not aware of.  Whatever the internal program we lead with personally, creates the type of experiences we have in life.

This is our unique internal program, that is different from anybody else on this earth, and our goal is to help people understand this and give them control of it. Basically, we want to empower people to take charge of their own energy, thoughts, belief systems and essentially – life.”

M.E. “So then, how do you help people change their programming to lead a happier life?

K.S. “The mentoring we do at The College of Intuition brings awareness of this inner program allowing the mindset to understand and adjust thought processes.  Part of this awareness, is recognizing the three voices of fear, reason and intuition.

“Part of this awareness, is recognizing the three voices of fear, reason and intuition.” – Kim Sowter 

The results leave individuals to understand how they function, create and interact with the world. It also makes people aware of the energetic anatomy and how this can be worked with to eliminate possible happenings in life i.e. health issues, dysfunctional relationships etc.”

M.E. “Why did you decided to start a business out of your spiritual gifts?

K.S. “We never started a business to create money. This may sound strange, but money is the result or what we perceive is needed to achieve our goal. We go into business because there is a passion and drive to be independent, achieve freedom of expression and to help ourselves and others. Believe it or not, intuition is often the guiding force behind creating a business in the first place, we just don’t acknowledge this.

Assisting people to understand and know their intuitive voice and how to really acknowledge and work with reason is a big step for many. Intuition is often perceived as illogical, however, understanding where it comes from, how your personal intuitive voice is revealed to you and then strengthening this can really move obstacles, create opportunities and speed up outcomes.”

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Stuck in a crossroads in your life? Perhaps some intuitive healing and guidance can help…

M.E. “So, you teach people how to utilise their personal intuition to create prosperity in their business and livelihood, how does that work?

Basically, we help people to alter current programming to reach a higher level of awareness and connection to the inner voice. It is the power of intuition that is the key to our truth, it never lies. The purpose of it is to keep us on track, eliminate that hurt and rise above the heaviness of conditioning, unhappiness that is so often experienced in day-to-day life.”

M.E. “Before you came to the position you are in now, how did your journey unfold to this arrival?”

K.S. “I was born with the ability to see nonphysical things, communicate with the dead and see people for what and who they are beneath the surface. It was shunned by my father who often yelled at my mother and wanted me to be under the care of a psychiatrist. I learned to not talk about it.

In my early 20’s I moved into a home by myself and it was haunted. In a nut shell, what was meant to be a 6-month lease turned into 2 weeks of hell. A friend of a friend introduced me to a spiritualist church who took me in and helped me to develop my ability.

“A friend of a friend introduced me to a spiritualist church who took me in and helped me to develop my ability.” – Kim Sowter

Later I began offering the usual psychic readings. This gave me confirmation that I was different, only it saddens me as well because other people couldn’t see that there was so much to life beyond the physical.

I continued my interest with Metaphysics and the understanding of energy, the afterlife and good and evil. I worked from a shop that held many books on Satanism and the occult, opening my understanding of dark energies and what they are about. Believe it or not I began to understand hatred and the drive behind certain practices.

Some of my clients were gang members, victims of violence and those with the desire to hurt and kill. I even had a solicitor who would come to me once a month with her files, placing a manila folder in front of me. I would reveal what I picked up from each folder without knowing or understanding what I was really saying. I never received confirmation, but she kept coming back.

Later I worked from a crystal shop and the energy of many was not that different to the ones I had seen in the book shop. People portray an exterior but their energy never lies and yet all come to me with the desire of a better life and how to get it. I often found the bookstore clients easier to deal with, less denial.

Eventually I got tired of the psychic readings and I began teaching. Meeting students, some wanting to connect to spirits, others just wanting to know how to improve their life.

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Kim in her power

After a few short weeks, all of them had seen results. Connecting to intuition, feeling healthier and managing stress far better. That is the beauty of energy and intuition, when you know how to work with it change happens instantaneously.”

M.E. “Most that start a business are faced with a lot of challenges, what would you say have been your biggest hurdles along the journey, and how did you overcome them?”

K.S. “Recognition of life beyond the physical or that there are people like me who can see the spirits and energy. Unfortunately, some people take all of this to the extreme and wear white clothing, never watch the news or read a paper. They pull away from life and I don’t believe that is what it is about.

Creating the College of Intuition takes away a lot of the ‘woo-woo’ perception that the words psychic and medium tend to be acquainted with.

However, the word intuition is now being used for nearly everything, even cars and women’s razors. Getting the message and understanding of what this is all about can be frustrating, always backing it up with science when science does not have all the answers, constantly proving my ability also is tiresome sometimes.

In general, my biggest challenges are overcoming the hurdles, staying grounded and just continually pushing ahead. I use my intuition for guidance – I even found Monique through intuition!”

M.E. “Lastly, what advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur that wanted to start a business of their own?”

“In short:

  1. Acknowledge why? what do you want to personally experience from the business
  2. Be honest with your feelings, fears and tackle this head on.
  3. How do you want to achieve, create the business?
  4. Surround yourself with success, people, places, books etc. energy is magnetized when the frequencies are matched.
  5. Push yourself, knock on doors and aim high.
  6. Just Breathe”  – Kim Platzer-Sowter
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Cool, calm, collected and deeply in-tune – Intuition can help you truly ‘become who you are’

If you’re interested in taking your wellbeing to the next level, consider trying something different. Kim has helped many people overcome deep-seated issues, power up and power through to beautiful new levels of life, being divinely guided through their own intuition. It might sound like a whole lot of hocus-pocus, but if something inside you is intrigued, this is your safe place to give it a try.

Challenge your mind, your senses and your beliefs and get in touch with Kim at The College of Intuition for some guidance. You can even send them a private message, right here!

Wishes in wellness,

Monique Elouise xx


Photos: Kim Platzer-Sowter