Imagine waking up every day to the life you had always dreamed of, well, for this local Melbourne Designer, that’s exactly what she does!

Tully Lou, the designer behind the same-name brand wanted more than ever to fuse her passion for fitness and fashion, and having overcome some very personal issues, she rose up with a “Fighter” attitude to run a successful brand desired locally. In between releases, you’ll find this empowered woman leading others towards a healthier lifestyle through fitness, and sharing her wealth of knowledge as a wellness writer.

This week, I stole a few minutes of her time (she’s VERY busy releasing the new season!), and found out how she started the brand, her favourite parts of running a business and her greatest advice for all you wellness entrepreneurs out there. Read on below for the FULL story…

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Wellness influencer, Yogini and Active-wear designer; meet Tully Lou

M.E. “You started the brand in 2013, what were you doing before then that sparked your inspiration to design an active wear brand?”

T.L. “I was working in retail + studying to be a yoga teacher. I knew when starting my active wear brand that I needed to have a few little side jobs in case the brand didn’t really take off like I expected it would.

“The inspo behind starting an active wear brand was to inspire other women to live healthier and happier lives through working-out and being healthy and passionate” – Tully Lou

I was also recovering from an eating disorder and depression, so I found yoga which helped me start my recovery process. The inspo behind starting an active wear brand was to inspire other women to live healthier and happier lives through working-out and being healthy and passionate.”

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Bright colours, cool cuts and superior fabrics are what Tully Lou is known for

M.E. “As a locally designed brand, do you have to out-source much of the work to overseas companies to keep costs affordable for buyers?”

T.L. “Yes, unfortunately we do. I design everything here in Melbourne and we base ourselves here most of the year. Unfortunately, manufacturing costs are way too high for us in Australia so we out-source manufacturing to China. I would absolutely love to be able to support local manufactures, however its just not reality for us.”

M.E. “I LOVE the colour’s and style elements that ‘Tully Lou’ offers, where do you get your inspiration? 

T.L. “Thank you. I get a lot of inspiration from travelling, Pinterest and vintage items!”

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Feeling inspired for a workout?

 M.E. “When you started the brand, what were your biggest challenges in taking it from an inspired idea to the brand that we see today?”

T.L “I think taking on too many tasks. I struggled a lot in the beginning to say no or even ask for help I was stubborn like that. I felt like if I asked for help it was like I was failing – so crazy right!?

“I felt like if I asked for help it was like I was failing” – Tully Lou

Now I try and focus on the parts of the business I know I am good at and put all my energy in.”

M.E. “Aside from the label, you’re also a Yoga Teacher and Health & Wellness Writer – how do find time to fit it all in?”

T.L. “I am a massive list person! I also schedule everything into my diary at the start of the week. This way I know where I am, and when I need to be there. I even schedule in my workouts – if its written down on paper, then I can’t forget or bail on myself.”

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Pop colour’ and sexy style-lines – what else could a woman want?


M.E. “What has been your favourite part of the journey to success?”

T.L. “It would be seeing myself grow and watching the brand grow! It’s so crazy to think an idea you have years ago can actually become your job and business. It honestly blows my mind every day!”

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Active-wear for any occasion – how do YOU get your sweat on?

M.E. “Lastly, for our aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what advice would you offer them on turning their dreams into a reality like you did?”

T.L. “Take the risk go for it + follow your dreams and passions. If you are passionate about your adventure, you will always do really well. Also, expect challenges! Remember mistakes are bound to happen, they are there for you to grow and become better at what you do, you just learn from them!” – Tully Lou

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Signature styling… simple, sassy and ready to MOVE!

If you LOVE active-wear, and that feeling of fresh inspiration when you put on a bright new active outfit, head over to Tully Lou and check out the latest range!! You can buy directly online, or at stockists in Australia, USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia – inspired? Get out there, get moving, and get chasing those dreams!!

Wishes in wellness,

Monique Elouise xx