Can you believe it’s already mid April? With the year passing us by so fast, SURELY it must be time to plan that much needed getaway to recharge the mind, body and soul. Although most of us wouldn’t need an excuse to travel, some of us could definitely use someone else to do all the intensive planning around it.

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Where to this winter?

Enter Health and Fitness Travel Australia. This incredibly knowledgeable bunch of people, have taken the stress out of planning, and with a few preemptive questions; will land you exactly where you want to be. Fueled with fine cuisine, they’ll pair you with destination retreats that offer anything health inspired from detox, yoga, cooking lessons, healing, de-stress, weight-loss and meditation to all-inclusive holistic holidays that bring you back home feeling relaxed and recharged.

As Australia’s ONLY dedicated Health & Wellness travel agency, I was lucky enough to chat with local director and co-founder, Samantha Lippiatt, about why her company (Health and Fitness Travel) is so rapidly becoming the go-to in the travel industry.

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‘Ocean Girls Surfing Retreat’ – just one of the many adventures that could see you traveling FIT…

M.E. “Tell me about Health & Fitness travel, why did you decide to start?”

S.L. “Health and Fitness Travel is actually a global luxury wellness travel company that originated in the UK in 2010 and is committed to providing healthy holidays that enhance and change lives. Created by Paul Joseph and Adam Heathcote as a result of their passion for health and fitness travel and offering bespoke holidays to improve people’s well-being to lead happier and healthier lives. Together we launched in Australia in 2014 and I oversee our local business.

Originally wanting to run my own retreats I noted a gap in the market for a specialised agency and platform to promote wellness holidays in Australia. After extensive research I realised that as wellness tourism continues to grow significantly faster than the travel industry as a whole, so would this opportunity and I was able to combine my own passion for healthy living and travel and create a new niche in the local market.

 I am also very passionate about preventative healthcare and the opportunity to live a full and healthy life, one with a balance of activity, fun, travel, nourishing food and over-all wellbeing.”

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Active escapes can be easily packaged for ALL bodies, minds and souls… 

M.E. “Obviously there was a gap in the market for a healthier style of travel, did you find that it was easy to attract new clients?”

 S.L. “We have seen continued growth from the day we opened our online business, this is supported through lots of collaborations and ongoing PR & marketing activities to help get our message out:

“Our holidays are the type of holiday where you return feeling like you had a break, refreshed, revitalised and ready to go.” – Samantha Lippiat

We really want Australian’s to know that taking this time for yourself can be both a very enjoyable and incredibly rewarding experience, and we expect to see this continue to grow.”

 M.E. “Where do you see the company evolving over the next five years? Will you be running any of your OWN retreats?”

S.L. “Our number one focus will be to continue growing in the local market, with the goal of bringing active holidays and wellness tourism into mainstream acceptance in Australia. We are collaborating on some retreats for 2017 (check with us soon for details) and we may indeed run our own retreats in the future, most likely in Asia so guests from all over the world can join in.

 We also have plans for a secondary site ‘The Retreat Guide’ which would be a marketplace for retreats all over the world. There is always a lot going on at Health and Fitness Travel.”

M.E. “After running the company successfully for a number of years, what is the NUMBER ONE active holiday that your clients are looking for?”

 S.L. “Our bestselling active holidays are our Fusion Fitness holidays. Created exclusively by Health and Fitness Travel, these holidays provide flexibility to choose from four core elements of Cardio, Strength & Sport, Mind & Body and Renewal to create their own ideal program. Our guests love these holidays as they can tailor their holiday to their own goals and preferences.”

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Yoga in Paradise – this could be YOUR REALITY! 

M.E. “As a health & fitness junkie, what is YOUR favourite way to sweat out the toxins and stay active?”

S.L. “I like to mix it up, when at the gym I enjoy Body pump or HIIT classes, like Tabata training. Last month I was lucky enough to have some swim training with Olympic triathlete Simon Agoston during a wellness immersion at Amanpuri in Phuket so I have now started swimming laps twice a week, which I am enjoying and on the weekends I like to get outdoors, be it stand up paddle boarding, riding my bike or going for hikes.

In 2017 my husband and I are planning to visit Machu Picchu in October, so we’ll be training for that. I am also a big fan of ClassPass as it lets me join in classes at lots of different locations on days I feel like yoga, meditation or perhaps spin and I am lucky to live near some great studios and not far from the water.”

M.E. “Lastly, for anyone that is looking for a Health & Fitness retreat, what is the BEST advice you can offer when they are picking something to suit their wants, needs and holiday destination desires?”

S.L. “A wellness holiday or active retreat can be a life-changing experience, but with options as unique as the traveller, choosing the right wellness holiday for you can seem daunting. We recommend you take some time to really think about what it is you want and need from your perfect wellness getaway. These are our five questions to help you get your planning underway:

1)       What is my reason or goal for going on a retreat?

2)       Where do I want to go?

3)       When is the best time to go?

4)       How do I want to eat?

5)       Who do I want to travel with?

Ask yourself these questions and then give one of our team a call, we have done all the hard work understanding the options and can easily point you in the right direction.” – Samantha Lippiatt

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Sunshine and fitness?? YES PLEASE! 

For more information on Health & Fitness travel visit: Health and Fitness Travel or call 1300 551 353

With the mid year in sight, it’s still not too late to get started on those plans, goals and challenges that you’ve always put off until “next year”… Get back on track, and let Samantha & her team find a destination retrieve that will set your life alight all over again.

Wishes in wellness,

Monique Elouise xx