If you’re like me, you LOVE everything that summer represents – the sun on your face, salt in your hair, and your body being gentle caressed by the nurturing waves of the ocean.

Sarah, CEO at Summer Salt Body, know’s the natural healing power of the ocean all too well, and after completing her Health Science degree and working in the health food industry for a few years, she noticed a massive gap in the market – A natural product range that takes the best of summer and cleanses your body with its healing properties.

“We believe that beauty rests within nature, so all of our products are created using natural and organic ingredients. The range is handcrafted and inspired by the ocean.” – Summer Salt Body

In 2014, Sarah started the brand inspired by the elements of the ocean, and found a way to create a brand that is totally organic and vegan to suit the growing population that are enjoying more natural products, but also an audience that agree’s with her morals and ethical codes.

“We are vegans and self-confessed animal lovers, which is why our entire range is vegan friendly and cruelty free. Rich in plant-based ingredients which all serve a purpose in nourishing your skin.” – Summer Salt Body

Want to hear more about how this inspiring entrepreneur turned her ‘side-gig’ into a full-time job she LOVES? Read on to hear all about the courageous steps she’s taken to grow a business from passion, how she keeps her ethic’s inline and her passion booming, and what’s next on the horizon for this beautiful brand…

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That feeling you get when you connect with the ocean… now available 365 days a year!

M.E. “You studied Health Science specialising in Nutrition, from this, what made you decide to start a vegan body product?”

S.S. “I use natural remedies for everything and decided to create a skin care brand which aligns with my own beliefs and way of life. After my degree I worked in the health food industry and met some incredible entrepreneurs. This inspired me to start my own business and see where it would take me.”
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Coconut, Lime & Vanilla Bean Sea Salt for ‘beach hair’ – say YES to summer ALL YEAR! 
M.E. “Being a vegan yourself, you must have found it hard to find products that not only aligned with your morals & ethics, but also actually did ‘good’ for your skin. What benefits does ‘Summer Salt’ offer the body?”
S.S. “It’s really important to me that everything I use is natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free. I started making Salt Scrubs because of my love for the ocean. The minerals in sea water have an amazing way of healing the entire body and you just can’t beat that feeling of stepping out of the salty ocean.
“The minerals in sea water have an amazing way of healing the entire body and you just can’t beat that feeling of stepping out of the salty ocean.”
Our Salt Scrubs are designed to cleanse the entire body with mineral rich sea salt while moisturising at the same time with nourishing coconut & jojoba oils. You really do get a natural radiant glow from just one scrub.
The range slowly grew to include facial products, bath salts and a hair mist. The ingredients I use in my products all serve a purpose in nourishing and healing the skin – no nasties!”
M.E. “What your basic skin care routine is and how you incorporate the brands?”
S.S. “My daily skin care routine includes the Skin care Essentials rangeIn the shower I scrub my entire body and face with one of the Salt Scrubs then cleanse with Cleanse Me – milk cleanser. After stepping out of the shower I spray the toning mist over my face, neck and décolletage. After drying off I apply the Vitamin C Serum and Eye Cream followed by the Moisturiser. This keeps my skin radiant and fresh!”
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#Selflove with Summer Salt Body 
M.E. “You started the brand in 2014, what were your biggest challenges to get it off the ground?”
S.S. “I started the brand as a bit of fun while working full-time in the health food industry. I actually never expected it to turn into my full time job. I just loved creating natural skin care and selling the products at local markets and it grew very rapidly from there!
“The biggest challenge was probably meeting the demands. I made the products by hand in very small batches”
The biggest challenge was probably meeting the demands. I made the products by hand in very small batches. A lot of research had to be done to make everything become more efficient.”
M.E. “Did you have any major competitors at the time that were doing the same thing?”
S.S. “There are lots of other natural skin care brands out there. I think it’s really great that natural and vegan friendly products are becoming much more easier to access these days. There hasn’t really been a direct competitor for us as we keep moving in a different direction. We love supporting other vegan skincare brands who share our morals and ethics.”
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Beach hair doesn’t JUST have to be a summer fling… 
M.E. “Looking back, how do you think the market has grown (in that area) since then?”
S.S. “Consumers are really favouring natural products and we’ve found that people love supporting small businesses. It’s really wonderful to connect with so many people who appreciate what you’re doing and really care about what they’re putting on their body.”
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Coconut Bath Milk from the Summer Salt Body range 
 M.E. “Starting your own business is obviously a HUGE venture, how did you stay inspired to keep pushing for success?”
S.S. “Working for yourself allows you to be creative and gives you so much freedom. We keep creating new products and play with new ideas which keeps the business fun and interesting.”
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“Salt water heals all wounds” – Why go artificial when you can treat your skin to nature?
M.E. “When you look at how far the brand has come already, I’m sure you’re proud of its success. But I have to ask, what’s next on that sunny horizon?”
S.S. “It’s been an amazing journey so far. So many incredible opportunities have been thrown at us and we make the most of it all. We are currently working on a brand new range which will be released by the end of the year!”
M.E. “Lastly, if you could offer any advice to aspiring entrepreneur, what would it be?”
S.S. “Do what you love and the rest will follow. Many people say they want to start their own business but don’t know where to begin. The key is to just start somewhere – it could move in any direction and you need to be open to make changes and keep looking for ways to improve along the way.” – Sarah, Summer Salt
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Strawberry Salt Scrub from the range at Summer Salt Body
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Photo Credits at Summer Salt  and Fiona Peters
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