While I might be skipping the winter this year in Europe, I’m certainly feeling the strain of being away from a healthy fitness and nutrition regime, but with helpful tips from Nutrition Coach,  Rafal Matuszewski.
Reining from Vancover, (British COlumbia), this 26 year old found his passion at a young age after battling with weight gain himself, and finding his own inner strength to become fighting-fit.
Weighing in at 90.7kg (200 pounds) in high school, he knew he had to make a change, and was sick of his high school peers making jokes at his expense, or being otherwise invisible. Through the course of summer, he set to work reading everything he could on various health websites, and by the time school was back – he returned as a changed man, with a new mind-set.
As the years progressed, his passion grew with peers asking him how he had achieved such a radical change! Not only had he lost weight in a healthy way, but he transformed his fat into muscle and his mentality went with it. He was becoming known locally for all that he had achieved, and from there, his learning continued as he taught others how to reclaim their lives becoming fit and healthy.
Keen to find out HOW he is changing the wellness world? READ ON!
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Rafal Matuszewski – Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Coach
M.E. “What was it that turned your will to change your own life into a passion for helping others transform?”
R.M.  “Being an overweight kid in high school, I was picked on a lot for my weight and every single girl I had an interest in thought I was disgusting. I was in a dark place, depressed, miserable, and angry at myself that I had let this happen.
I could have easily turned to drugs, alcohol, or who knows what else to get through it, but I’m happy I found fitness!
From the beginning, I was doing it for myself, but during the process, I slowly realized the amount of effort I was putting into myself, and how I could be doing the same thing to help others going through what I was going through.”
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One of Rafal’s clients | Left: Before | Right: After
M.E. “Aside from your own motivation to change, was there anyone that helped push you to meeting not just your personal goals, but taking this to the next level as a professional?”
R.M. “I didn’t really have anyone to help me. I was really determined to meet this goal, and made it 100% priority, as I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be successful.
Looking back at it now, I’ve always been an ‘all or nothing’ type of person. I think if you were to beat any goal, whether it be health, finance, business, relationships, etc, you need to put your heart and soul into it. If you don’t, its easy for your goal to fade away and never become an actual reality.”
M.E. “Do you find that your age restricts you when you are coaching clients?”
R.M.  “In the beginning of my career, I felt that way yes. But now I don’t, even though I’m still fairly young.
I knew in the beginning, my age would create some barriers, so I made sure to act with maturity that met those of my clients. When I was 19, I had a lot of clients think I was in my late 20s and early 30s, so I guess it worked!
But now, I think because I’ve always been an ‘old soul’ and have some years under my belt with coaching people, I speak a certain way that comes across with wisdom and experience.”
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Rafal training in between clients and making the most of every moment!
M.E. “You train at a gym, do online coaching and have a podcast, how do you manage to do it all?”
R.M. “I could say something cheesy like “time management, blah, blah, blah” but honestly its all about priorities, hustle, and auditing time. I’ve structured my life in a way that I’m able to do everything I need. For example, If you wanted to make health a priority, great, but you have to put it into work. Audit your week, find gaps in your schedule.
“Audit your week, find gaps in your schedule.” – Rafal Matuszewski
I find it interesting when people say “I have no time” but then brag on Facebook how they binge watched the new season of ‘House of Cards’ in one weekend… I could easily take an afternoon off and go watch a movie, or go downtown and sit on a patio sipping on wine, but what’s more important? Again, priorities, hustle, and time, choose wisely.”
M.E. “With your online programs, what do you offer and how do you ensure your clients really meet their goals?”
R.M. “Right now I’m really happy how I have structured my online coaching. I started now, because I feel like I have everything I need to offer clients in a great, tailor-made service. I see too many coaches starting an online business with no systems, and no experience in actual gyms,  and clients who fall for their marketing get sucked into a shitty service.
The way I have it structured is two options only:
1)  6-month commitment
2) 12 month commitment

The reason? You’re not going to fix all the bad habits you’ve developed in the last 10-20 years in a 2-month fat loss program/diet. I coach all my clients into healthy lifestyle habits that will stick with them for life, so when they are done coaching with me their habits are on autopilot and they can go on with their lives.

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One of Rafal’s clients hard at work!
This goes directly into what I’m teaching: habits. The reason why people fail at fitness is that they pick up a diet or cleanse that restricts them and doesn’t teach them any life lessons for long-term success.
An example I always give to prospective clients is a story about my online client Janet. She signed up, I looked over her paperwork, and realized she never ate breakfast. I asked her why she didn’t eat breakfast, and she told me that she was always in a rush. I then asked her if she felt hungry when she got to work, and she told me “I’m starving and want to pass out.” So my first habit for her was to eat a banana each morning. She said “that’s it?” and I said “Yes, that’s it”.
She was shocked that I didn’t give her a list of foods she could and couldn’t eat, or a full diet plan. After a couple weeks she was tracking her ‘banana a day’, and it became automatic. Then I gave her another habit, of focusing on eating a hard boiled egg with the banana. After a couple months she was eating a full breakfast, had more energy, felt great, and we built habits upon habits.
“I coach all my clients into healthy lifestyle habits that will stick with them for life, so when they are done coaching with me their habits are on autopilot and they can go on with their lives.” – Rafal Matuszewski
Where is she now? She’s lost over 7kg (15lbs), can dead-lift her body weight, and can do a full body weight chin up!
Amazing right? The best part? She doesn’t have to make an effort about everything now because the habit is so ingrained into her brain it’s on autopilot. Just like every morning you wake up and brush your teeth. You don’t think about it, it just happens.
That’s how I coach my clients. Habit based approach!”
M.E. “It sounds like you have your clients best interest at heart. So then, as far as your business goes, what do you consider to be the BEST form of marketing in the social media era we all live and breath?”
R.M. “I think the best approach to social media marketing is the moment you make content relatable to the consumer you’ve won. I’ve seen too many coaches that never use the word ‘YOU’, and ‘US’, but instead use ‘ME’, and ‘I’.
The consumer looking at their Facebook or Instagram doesn’t care about how this so called ‘coach’ hit his or her macros for the day, they want to know that the coach is human too. Being relate-able to the everyday person is HUGE.
“The consumer looking at their Facebook or Instagram doesn’t care about how this so called ‘coach’ hit his or her macros for the day, they want to know that the coach is human too. Being relate-able to the everyday person is HUGE.” – Rafal Matuszweski
For example, I remember an instance where I posted on Instagram that I had eaten a burger and fries and all these people were commenting, asking how I could do such a thing… Easy. I’m human too!! Just like a new client, I like junk food. I just figured out a way to exercise, eat healthy, and enjoy the so called “bad foods” out there. Being relate-able to the general population out there is the way to do it.”
M.E. “It sounds like you’re very focused and ambitious. As far as your work-life balance goes though, what does a typical working-week and meal plan look like?”
R.M. “Monday through Thursday I’m waking up at 5:00am to get ready and head to the gym to train clients at 6:00am. From 6:00am to 11:00am I’m on the gym floor coaching, then get my workout in, eat lunch, head home, get on my laptop, emails, programs, edit videos, photos, walk the dog, eat a snack, read a book, listen to a podcast, head back to the gym train for 5pm or 6pm depending on the day, train until 8pm, head back home eat dinner, walk the dog, catch up with the wife, then repeat the next day.
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An example of what’s on Rafal’s plate over the weekend – balanced, nutritious and surely delicious!
Fridays, are my no coaching days, this is where I get to sleep into 8 am! haha. Then have my coffee, walk the dog, interview a guest for my podcast ‘Cut The S#!t Get fit‘, catch up with the week, then Friday at 4 pm I shut off completely.
My weekend time is solely for my wife. I work a lot trying to build my business to have a solid foundation before we have children, so I make sure to have the whole weekend for the wife. We will go on dates, walks or hikes with the dog, go watch a movie, or just cuddle in bed all day and talk.”
M.E. “Lastly, what is your best advice for young entrepreneurs on getting started in business?”
R.M. “My best advice for young entrepreneurs is to work their faces off and think outside the box.
If everyone is working a 9:00am to 5:00pm, then you should work outside those hours. Think about the fact that if you woke up at 5:00am every day to work on your business for 3 hours 5x a week. That’s an extra 15 hours a week! In one month that’s an extra 60 hours. In one year that’s 720 hours! Now imagine all of your competitors out there that sleep in and bitch and complain that business is slow while you’re out there hustling and gorwing your opportunities every day.
You will beat them. The problem? Not a lot of people have that passion and drive to do so. Someone once told me  “If you start a business and cant make a living off of it within 2 years, you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur.”
Patience, hard work, and think outside the box – GOOOOOO!” – Rafal Matuszweski
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Stay focused, commit to turning your goals into daily habits, and HUSTLE!
If you’re feeling inspired about starting a new health habbit, and reach new goals for a healthier body and mind, reach out to Rafal at Empower Health & Performance or through his Facebook page.  Lastly, make sure you stay tuned next week for his TOP five tips for staying focused on your health goals and beating those winter blues… As a special promotion, he is also just about to start an 8 week transformation challenge, which you can check out right HERE!
Hope you enjoyed the read from a modern social media personality that’s passionate about wellness, and of course, have a few take-aways yourself.
Wishes in wellness,
Monique Elouise x